I am Serena! A slasher is living life in Hong Kong; sometimes a model, sometimes an event hostess, sometimes a reviewer. I work as an event manager for a team from Irish in Rugby Seven today and as a hostess for a South Africa NEC company in Convention Center tomorrow. Plus, writing a food review of a restaurant I tried between work. I love working with different people and environment every day, to find the excitement in the collaboration.
Although I live a moderate city, I do love traditional things, from Fung Shui, Palm Reading, Dragon Dance, to Moon Cake Eating. I love to find a balance between traditional and modern. I do like to share the traditional Hongies’ stuff with friends all the time. Since Hong Kong is a pretty tiny place to live, its only take less than an hour from the concrete jungle to the beach or the country park. I love water sports and jogging in the smell of trees.
Basically, I am an outgoing and carefree person, however, due to the past and always with myself when I was a child; I enjoy the beauty of silent and like being invisible. I come from a single family and have no siblings; my mum had to work all the time until she got Cervical cancer. All the experience helps me become a tough-minded and calm person to deal with things, so I can cook a meal for eight or tear down the wall and redecorate it. I love to write down my thoughts and share it with close friends only; they found out it is pretty interesting and useful, and encourage me to go public it online.
My job introduces me to many things: Beauty, Celebrities, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Travel, etc. The purpose of starting this blog is, to sum up, all the things and reviews I had written on different platforms and share the fascinating things with all of you. To take a sneak peek of a slasher’s life!